Rheem Prestige RTGH-84 Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Rheem Prestige RTGH-84

The Prestige series from Rheem doesn’t disappoint. They jam pack everything you need into a small little package. After reviewing this we, think it is top of its class. Rheem’s Prestige series is limited to 2 sizes, 199,900 BTU (RTGH-95) and 157,000 BTU (RTGH-84. Both models are available in an indoor or outdoor model and can be used with either natural gas or liquid propane.


As mentioned above the RTGH 84 is rated at a max BTU of 157,000 with a max flow of 8.4 gallons per minute (GPM).


What we liked about the Rheem RTGH-84

1.Rheem has a minimum flow rate of 0.26 GPM, this is an industry first. Most manufactures have minimum flow rate of 0.4GPM. If minimum flow rate is not maintained, the unit will shut off. In all fairness, with the RTGH-84 you must first exceed a flow rate of 0.4 GPM to activate the unit, but once its on you can turn down the water. This is great for conserving water and energy.


2. The RTGH-DVLN (indoor model) has a energy factor of 0.94. This qualifies the unit for energy star rebates.


3. The main exchanger is made out of copper. The secondary exchanger is made out of stainless steel.


4. The unit is rated for high altitudes of up to 9,804 ft above sea level. Competitors units

typical max out around 5,000 ft -6,000 ft without the additional modifications.


5. The size of the unit is on the smaller size in comparing units of similar BTU ratings.


6. This tankless water heater can be directed vented with 2” PVC. This is a great feature since it will reduce installation costs. Please note it’s a max of 5’ distance with zero 90 elbows. If you exceed 5’ then you must use 3” PVC


7. A digital remote control and 10’ of thermostat wire are included in the box.


8. The self-diagnostic system helps simplify installation as well as service.


9. Like most tankless water heaters in the elite class it comes with a electronic ignition


What we didn’t like about the Rheem RTGH-84

1. The Remote control only comes with 10 ft of control wire. To have any value to an installer 30-40 ft would be a much better length. Control wire is cheap and it more of a pain in the neck to get more if you need a longer length.


2. Although the physical size of the tankless water heater is smaller in size. The unit weighs in at 82 lbs, a little heavy for a 1 man installer. It can be done, but it’s heavy.

3. We where a little under whelmed by water heater flow rate curves. They are not terrible, but similar units from other companies where a little bit better. A 60°F temperature rise beings down the GPM to 6.0 GPM. We like to see this around 6.5 GPM


4. Max factory temperature is 120°F, but it can be changed in the field to 140°F. Most manufactures do this and we hate it.


Over all we are pleased with the Rheem RTGH-84DVLN tankless water heater. The price point is right around $1100 and is a fair value for the performance and features it offers. While our site is geared towards install in residential applications we do need to point out these units can upgraded to for commercial uses with a max temperature of 195°F


Rheem RTGH-84DVLN tankless water heater:

  • Min Gas Consumption Btu/h – 11,000
  • Max Gas Consumption Btu/h – 157,000
  • Water Capacity GPM Activation – .4
  • Water Capacity GPM Min -.26
  • Water Capacity GPM Max – 8.4
  • TemperatureRange  – 85 ° to 140 °
  • Gas Supply Connection – 3/4 inch MNPT
  • Cold Water Input Connection – 3/4 inch
  • Hot Water Input Connection – 3/4 inch
  • Weight -82 lbs
  • Dimensions 27.5” x 18.5” x 9.75” (H x W x D)
  • 5 year parts and labor warranty
  • 1 year labor warranty
  • 12 year heat exchange warranty