When people think of tankless water heaters, the first manufacture that typically comes to mind is Rinnai and with good reason. For over 45 years the have researching, developing and manufacturing some of the best water heaters, heaters and boilers. Additionally they have one of the industries best warranties, with a minimum 10-12 years on the heat exchanger and 5 years on all other parts.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Review

Rinnai has 3 lines for residential usage: Ultra series, luxury series and value series. All 3 lines are available in indoor our outdoor installation. Also, natural gas and propane options are available for all their lines.

They have a size for all household needs. The lowest max BTU rating of 120,000 BTU for smaller homes and up to a 199,000 BTU max rating for high demand households.  Most of their tankless water heaters are Energy Star Qualified, which may qualify for a local utility rebate*.  Also they offer a range of energy factors ranging from 0.82-0.92.

While Value Series is the most economical line that Rinnai offers, it is still packed full of great features. This series is certified for installation in mobile homes. There is also a temperature locking to prevent changes in water temperature. The Value Series has a max Energy Factor of 0.82. On the low end there is a 120,000 max BTU model and on the high end there is a 180,000 BTU max model. Natural gas and propane can be used on the Value Series. There is a 10 year heat exchanger warranty, 5 year warranty on all other parts and there is a 1 year warranty on reasonable labor.

The next step up from the Value Series is the Luxury Series. The Luxury Series offers all the outstanding features of the Value Series and builds on it. There are several different controller options for the Luxury Series, including the Deluxe Controller and the Bathroom Controller.  Also some models have a recirculation program to be used with and external pump.

The Ultra Series is the Rinnai’s top end line. This line has all of the same features of Luxury Series. However, this is the most energy efficient line they have the most of the line has a minimum of 0.95 max energy factor. This will save you money on operations cost. All of the Ultra Series tankless water heaters have the  Built-in Rinnai Circ Logic TM. This lets you run this unit with recirculation pump to keep hot water right at the tap. The Heat Exchanger has a 12 year warranty, all other pars and components are 5 years and 1 year for reasonable labor.

Also, these water heaters can be used in commercial settings however the warranty length changes.